The 20 Dublin homes with the highest levels of lead in water

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Lead contamination levels up to 80 times the legal limit have been detected in drinking water in Dublin.

Irish Water has identified the 20 homes in the capital where the highest levels of lead, ranging from five to 80 times the legal limit set by the EU, have been found.

Consumption of lead can affect brain development, with young children, infants and “babies in the womb” most at risk, according to the HSE and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Of the 20 homes with the highest lead levels, 14 were in Raheny, with tests on one home on Watermill Drive showing levels of 825 micrograms per litre. The second highest reading was in Vernon Grove, Clontarf, at 123 micrograms per litre.

The remaining houses in the top five were all in Raheny, but the sixth highest reading was in Ranelagh where levels of 97 micrograms were recorded in Chelmsford Road.

Source: The 20 Dublin homes with the highest levels of lead in water

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